Getting started with Canva For Work

Congratulations on joining Canva For Work! You have just taken the first step towards creating beautiful on-brand designs for your whole organisation. 

Upgrade to Canva for Work

To upgrade your account:

  1. Log-in to the Canva account you wish to upgrade.
  2. Click on the Upgrade button at the lower left-hand menu panel of your Canva homepage.
  3. Choose which plan you want to subscribe to, enter your credit card information, then click on Start my free trial.

Set-up your brand kit

A brand kit is the home of your brand. Use it to easily store, manage and customize your brand assets. To create a brand kit:

  1. Ensure you are logged in to the correct Canva for Work account and have selected the appropriate team or brand.
  2. Click on Your Brand at the left-hand menu panel of your homepage.
  3. Click the Brand Kit tab.

Your brand kit is made up of two components: brand colors and brand fonts. Changing the default settings of each will automatically update all of the default brand options available to your team.

Change Brand or Team name

To change your brand or team name, log in to Canva and ensure you are on the correct brand you wish to change.

  1. Click on the Your Brand tab on the left-hand menu panel of your homepage.
  2. Hover your mouse over the current brand name, and double click on the current team name or click the pencil icon to the right.
  3. Type in your new brand name and press Enter on your keyboard to confirm the changes.

Add team members

To add team members to your Canva for Work team, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log-in to your account and ensure you are on the correct Canva for Work team.
  2. Click on the Team Members tab, located at the left-hand menu panel of your homepage.
  3. In the Invite your team box enter the email addresses of members you wish to add to your team.
  4. For each team member you want to invite, click the role menu next to their email address to choose their team role.
  5. Click the Send invitations button to send an email invite. Invited team member must click on the Accept invitation link to have access to the team brand they have been invited to.


I am unable to see my brand kit.

If you're unable to access your Brand Kit, here are some reasons why:

1. You are using a Standard Canva account.

Since this is an exclusive feature, you have to be subscribed to Canva for Work to create your own Brand Kit. Click here to learn more and subscribe to Canva for Work.

2. You're logged in to an inactive Canva for Work team/brand.

A Canva for Work team/brand may be inactive for several reasons: 

  • You cancelled your Canva for Work subscription.
  • You've accidentally created a new team/brand.
  • Your free trial has ended and you have downgraded to a Canva standard account.
  • Your payment failed multiple times and your Canva for Work account was downgraded.

You will still have access to inactive Canva for Work teams/brands but the exclusive features will no longer be available. You'll have to resubscribe that team/brand to Canva for Work in order to gain access to the exclusive features again including setting up your Brand Kit.

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