Editing your Brand Kit

A strong brand is more than a name and a logo. Building an effective brand kit gives your business its unique identity. With Canva for Work, you can customize your brand's default colors, fonts, and logos to provide a clear and consistent image and message. 

Edit brand colors

To edit your brand colors:

  1. Click the Your Brand tab on the left-hand side of your screen followed by the Brand Kit tab. Only administrators and template designers can modify the brand kit.
  2. Click on the color swatch you want to change. This will open up the color wheel.
  3. Click and drag the small circle inside the color wheel pop-up to find the right hue you are looking for, and adjust the value slider to make your color lighter or darker.
  4. You can also insert a color code by clicking on the color code bar and typing or pasting in a hex value.

You can also add or delete a color from your brand. To add a new color, click the + add new color button. This will open the color wheel panel where you can choose the specific color you want for your brand.

You can also remove custom colors entirely. Simply hover your mouse over the swatch to reveal the delete button, an “X” in the right-hand corner of the swatch. Click the delete button and the swatch will disappear.

Want to add a secondary color palette? You can now create multiple color palettes for your different brand campaigns. Click on +Add new palette to create a new one.

Your multiple color palette is also easily accessible on the editor. 


The changes you make to your brand colors will be saved automatically. If you are no longer satisfied with your edits, you can click the discard changes button at the bottom of the screen. This will revert all of your brand fonts and colors to the beginning of this particular editing session.

Edit brand fonts

To change the brand fonts of your Canva for Work team:

  1. Click the Your Brand tab on the left of your screen followed by the Brand Kit tab.
  2. In the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see the three default brand fonts: heading, sub-heading, and body text.
  3. Click the edit button (shaped like a pencil) on the upper right-hand corner of each font to open the edit menu.
  4. Select the various buttons to edit the typeface, size, style of the font, and even upload your own font.

Upload logos

  1. Click the Your Brand tab on the left of your screen followed by the Brand Kit tab.
  2. Go to the Logos section and click on the add logos button, the + sign inside a box.
  3. Find the logo file you wish to upload and click on Open.


I am unable to access my team’s brand kit

If you are unable to access your Brand Kit tab, this could mean that your account is downgraded to a basic personal Canva account. Please check your email if you have received any failed payment notification which could be the reason why your Canva for Work is cancelled.

Also, if you have multiple Canva accounts, it is possible that you have logged in using a different email address which is a non Canva for Work account. If you're positive that you have logged in using the right email address, you must then ensure you are on the correct team or brand by switching on the correct Canva for Work account you want to access.

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