Backgrounds give you a nice backdrop in your design projects. In the Canva editor, you’ll initially see a plain white page, sized according to whichever design type you selected. You can add a background to your design to replace the default plain white backdrop with another color, a photo or a festive pattern.

Add a background

To add a background to your design:

  1. Go to Background.
  2. Click the colored buttons at the top of the background pane to fill your design’s background with that solid color.
  3. You can also use illustration backgrounds or photo backgrounds.
  4. To make the background transparent, click on the transparency button. Drag the transparency slider to the left to make the background increasingly transparent.

Illustration backgrounds are the beautiful patterns and textures that appear at the top of the background pane, while photo backgrounds offer different textures for your designs and can be found when you scroll further down the background pane.

Solid color or brand colors


Illustration backgrounds


Photo backgrounds


Transparent background 

Delete a background

You came across a better image, pattern or color to use as a background that would make your design stand out. No worries, you can easily remove or change your current background into a new one.

To delete and remove a background:

  1. Select the background you wish to delete.
  2. Click the Trash bin icon.
  3. Clicking on the background and hitting Delete or Backspace on your keyboard will also delete or remove the background.
  4. Drag and drop the background image out of the page.

Tip: We highly recommend dragging the image/background out to the farthest of the page to make sure it is deleted. Not doing so may cause downloading issues.

Background filters

Filters are commonly used to adjust the rendering of an image or a background. You can also apply filters to your solid and illustration backgrounds.

To add filters to your background:

  1. Click on the background to select and open its edit menu.
  2. Click the Filter option to open the filter menu.
  3. Choose from several preconfigured photo filters shown in the menu bar. Click on the filter you wish to apply.
  4. Alternatively you can experiment with all the photo filters by clicking the Advanced options arrow to reveal all the filter options.

Filter styles

Along the top of the filter menu you’ll see several preconfigured background filters to choose from, such as “Cali,” “Drama,” “Epic,” and more. Each filter has a preview of what your background will look like, and you can click the preview to apply the filter. Click the scroll arrows on either side of the preview images to scroll through more filters.

Advanced filter options

You can customize the preconfigured filters such as its Brightness and Contrast. To do so, click on the Advanced options arrow. There’s an endless variety of looks you can create by adjusting these sliders.

Background options

Backgrounds can also be flipped horizontally or vertically.

To flip a background:

  1. Click to select the background and reveal the edit menu.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow at the far right end of the edit menu.
  3. Click either Flip Horizontally or Flip Vertically and your background will do a quick flip.



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