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Creating designs in Canva includes the use of other people’s work. Exporting any designs from Canva requires you to agree to the terms of our One Time Use and Multi-Use License and to Canva’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


  • up to 2,000 prints

  • intended for use in one single Canva design

  • $1 charge for every export after 24 hours

  • Make changes and re-export without watermark for 24 hours for a single design

  • up to 250,000 prints

  • may be used in an unlimited amount of design

  • $10 charge on the first export only

  • Make unlimited changes and export without watermark

  • Purchase folder in the Upload tab


Canva Design

How you create, use, print or publish your design depends on what elements are used in your design.


Stock media from Canva

If your design uses elements from our image library (even free elements), it is subject to our One Time Use License  or Multi-Use License which permits printing designs for school projects, ebook, album cover, posters and any other uses (Section 3) approved in writing by Canva

Uploaded media

If your design uses only elements that you have created and or uploaded yourself, then you may use it for any purpose you like. While you may upload images found on Google or elsewhere online, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct copyright permissions for any images you upload.



  • Selling custom design to a single client
  • Designs made for eBook, album covers, workbooks and other promotional projects


  • Selling primarily the design for t-shirts, mugs, postcards and other items
  • Selling designs / design templates to multiple or unknown clients without the Extended License

Logo or Trademarks

Logos or trademarks are small, usually simple, graphics legally registered or established, that form part of the identity of a business. Creating your logo using Canva is only allowed if you use your own uploaded elements. Any elements from Canva’s image — both free and premium photos, drawings, shapes, and fonts — is prohibited since all copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to the stock media are retained by Canva and/or its contributors.


Editing Canva design

Editing designs outside Canva after they’ve been published and downloaded is prohibited. If you’d like to edit a Canva design after it’s been published, you can make any changes only in Canva.

Design for editorial purpose

If you’re using elements from our library for editorial use, such as inclusion in a published news article or commentary, you do need to attribute the creator of the element by including the note “©[insert Contributor’s Name] via” next to the image, or in your project’s credits page.

Personal use and other permitted commercial use such as for promoting your company or event does not need any form of attribution. However, you’ll want to review our licenses to ensure that your commercial use is permitted.

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