Managing your team

Manage your team effectively with Canva For Work. Add and remove team members, manage permissions and more.

Creating Teams

You can create multiple Canva For Work teams, each with their own unique team members, brand kit and team templates. Here’s how:

  1. Toggle the account button, a small drop down menu arrow beside your profile name.
  2. Click on Account settings and go to the Billing & Teams tab.
  3. Under the Team section, click +Create a new team and confirm the prompt to start a new team.
  4. Select either the Yearly or Monthly billing option, then enter your credit card details. Click Start my free trial to begin your 30-day free trial period.
  5. From here you’ll be prompted to Your Brand screen. You can start configuring your Brand Kit, create team Templates and invite new members to the team.

Change brand or team name

To change your brand or team name, first ensure you are in the brand you wish to change.

  1. Click on the Your Brand tab on the left-hand menu panel of your homepage.
  2. Hover your mouse over the current brand name, and double click on the current team name or click the pencil icon to the right.
  3. Type in your new brand name and press Enter on your keyboard to confirm the changes.

Add/delete team members

To add team members to your Canva for Work team, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log-in to your account and ensure you are on the correct Canva for Work team.
  2. Click on the Team Members tab, located at the left-hand menu panel of your homepage.
  3. In the Invite your team box enter the email addresses of the members you wish to add to your team.
  4. For each team member you wish to invite, click the role menu next to their email address to choose their team role.
  5. Click the Send invitations button to send an email invite. Invited team member/s must click on the Accept invitation link to have access to the team brand they have been invited to.

To delete team members:

  1. Click on the Team Members tab, located at the left-hand menu panel of your homepage.
  2. In the Team members box, toggle on the dropdown menu arrow beside the role of the team member you wish to delete.
  3. Choose Remove from team to delete the team member.

Deleted team members can no longer access anything from the brand he was previously in, including designs shared with them, brand kit and layouts, photo folders or view the team design stream.

Team Roles

Canva for Work allows you to collaborate across a team and provide each member varying levels of access to Canva for Work’s features. Below is a quick reference guide of how the three roles of administrator, member and template designer breakdown:


What they can do


Template Designer


Create designs and share them to the team stream

Use the team brand kit to create striking, consistent designs

Use team layouts to rapidly create custom designs

Upload and share photo folders

Transform designs between different design types

Edit brand kit, colors and fonts


Create, edit and delete team layouts


Add and remove team members and assign roles


Control billing and subscription info


Change team roles

To change the role of a team member, you must be an administrator of the Canva for Work team. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Switch to your team account or make sure you are on the correct Canva for Work team or brand.
  2. Click on the Team Members tab, located at the left-hand menu panel of your homepage.
  3. Click on the role menu next to the name of the member you want to change the role of and choose their new role.

You can also remove a team member if they decide to leave the team. Removed team members will no longer be able to switch to the team account to access brand content or templates. Secondly, the designer will lose access to the designs created by the removed team member.

Switch between different teams or brands

To toggle between different teams or brands, click on the account button, a small drop down menu arrow beside your profile name. Your different brands will appear. Simply click on the brand you would like to access.


Sharing an editable design to a non Canva for Work user or team member

If you share an editable version of a design with a non-team member, they will be automatically redirected to a view-only version of your design. The reason for this is your design may contain a custom uploaded font which can only be accessed and used by members of your team. Custom fonts have certain licenses to use and Canva cannot extend the right to use that particular font beyond your team. As a workaround, you can change the uploaded custom fonts to a font available for all Canva users.

I am unable to see my team’s brand tab

If you are unable to see the Your brand tab on your Canva homepage, this could mean that your account is downgraded to a basic personal Canva account. Please check your email if you have received any failed payment notification which could be the reason why your Canva for Work is cancelled. Also, if you have multiple Canva accounts, it is possible that you have logged in using a different email address which is a non Canva for Work account. If you're positive that you have logged in using the right email address, you must then ensure you are on the correct team or brand by switching on the correct Canva for Work account you want to access.

I am unable to invite a team member

There are instances where you have sent invitations to add a member to your Canva for Work team however, they are not able to receive it. It is advisable to have them check their spam folder in case their incoming mails are strictly filtered.

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