Illustrations and Icons

Canva has a wide variety of illustrations and icons where you can get your daily fix of art and design. They can be an incredibly versatile tool which you may find useful in creating your design projects.

Search for illustrations or icons

To search for illustrations or icons:

  1. Go to the Elements tab.
  2. Click on the Illustrations or Icons folder.
  3. Click to add the element you want to use in your design. The element will automatically appear on the editor page.
  4. To remove the illustration/icon, click on the Trash bin icon.

Add and remove illustration or icon

To add and remove an illustration or icon:

  1. Go to the Elements tab.
  2. Open the Illustrations or Icons folder.
  3. Click or drag the element to the editor page to add to your design.
  4. To delete or remove it, simply click on the Trash bin icon or drag and drop the element out of the page.


To resize your illustration or icon, simply click on the element you would like to resize. You can then drag the resize anchors. Drag the anchors outward or inward to increase or decrease the size of the element, respectively.


Illustrations and icons including all other elements in the Canva library can be rotated.

To rotate them:

  1. Click to select the illustration or icon element.
  2. Click and drag the rotate anchor located at the bottom of every element.

If you want to be super precise, a preview of exactly how many degrees you’ve rotated the element will show up next to the rotate anchor. The element will also "snap" into place every 45 degrees to help keep your design aligned with crisp angles.



Move illustration or icon

To move your illustration or icon , simply hover your mouse over the element. Once you see the cross cursor, drag the element to move it around the editor page.

Change color

Some illustrations and icons in the Canva library are recolorable according to your preference. You would know if they are recolorable if you click on it and a preset color palette button appears.

To change the color of an illustration or icon element:

  1. Click to select an element and open its edit menu.
  2. Select the color button (represented by a circle of color) to open the color palette.
  3. To select more colors, click on the + button to open the color wheel.
  4. If you know the hex code of the color you’d like to use, you can copy and paste its six-digit color code into the field marked color code #.

You can adjust the color shade by moving the color slider further to the right for a darker shade.



In Canva, you can apply transparency to any element including illustrations and icons. When you adjust the transparency, you’ll be able to see through the element in the background or other elements that are behind it.

To adjust the transparency:

  1. Click on the element you’d like to make transparent.
  2. Click on the expand arrow to show advanced options.
  3. Look for the transparency button and click on it to open the transparency slider.
  4. Drag the slider to the left to make the element increasingly transparent.

Layering illustrations and icons

To move frames forward and back from another frame in a design, simply click on the frame you wish to move. Click on the Forward and Back options on the menu.

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