Understanding your invoice

Billing Cycle

When you purchase a premium element, you will notice that your card is not immediately charged. Instead, your card will be charged one month after your first purchase has been made, or once you have purchased US $10 worth of elements, whichever comes first.

Find Your Invoice

To find your invoices, toggle on the account button (the small drop down menu arrow beside your account name) to redirect you to Your account settings page. This is where you will find your Account Info and Billing & Teams tab.

From here, under Payment details, click View Invoices. You can view each month’s invoice in greater detail by clicking View under the headings Invoice details.

Updating billing information

Change Payment Details for Canva for Work Subscribers

Changing your credit card details for Canva for Work users is easy. You will need to be the team administrator to do so.

Log onto your team account and navigate toward the Account settings page. Scroll down to Payment details section, and here you will see your credit card information.

Simply click the green Add/Change button under the Payment details heading to update your card information.

Once you’ve entered the new information, click save and your details will be updated. 

Changing/Adding Payment Details for Canva Standard Users

To change or add your payment details, navigate to the All Your Designs homepage. At the top left of this page, next to your icon and name, you will see a small drop down arrow. Click on the Account settings to be taken to the Your Account page.

Click on the Billing & Teams tab to view your Billing Information. Click the green Change button across the Credit Card line, input your new details and hit Save.

Customize Billing Statements

You may only change the information on your invoice if you are a member of Canva for Work.

To edit your details, simply go to your Account settings on your Canva home screen, click on the Billing and Teams tab and then go to Payment details. From this screen you can easily edit to add your company name or address as needed by clicking the green Change button.

Once completed, your updated details will appear on your next invoice.


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