In Canva, premium elements will appear with watermarks - a criss-cross pattern superimposed on top of images to protect the element's copyright holder.

Removing watermarks

To remove the watermarks, you have to Purchase and Download your design. Upon downloading, you’ll be prompted to pay $USD 1 under the One-time Use License to remove the watermark for 24 hours on a single design or $USD 10 under the Mult-use License to remove watermark and use in all your designs.

Your downloaded file will have the watermarks removed, though they'll still appear when you view your design in Canva.

To remove watermarks in your design:

  1. Click the Download button.
  2. Choose whether you want to purchase under the One Time Use License or Multi Use License.
  3. Proceed with paying for premium elements by clicking the Purchase and Download button.
  4. Wait for your design to download.

If it is your first time to download a design with premium elements, clicking Download will trigger a popover which explains the difference between One-time and Multi-use licenses. Once you click Got it! you'll never see it again.

To learn more about our licensing options, the actual payment dialog will show an explanatory popover as well:
Click Got it! and continue to purchase and download your design.


Downloading watermarked draft

To download a watermarked draft, click on Download Watermarked Draft option on the upper right-hand side of your “Purchase your premium elements” dialogue box.

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