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We make it easy to share your design with anyone who has an email address. No need to attach or upload anything.

To share your design via email:

  1. Click the Share button on the upper right hand corner of your screen.
  2. From there, click the Email box and type the email address you want to send your design to.
  3. To allow the design recipients to edit the design, tick the box Share/email as an editable design. Click the send button.

After processing your design, the people whose email addresses you entered will receive an email from Canva in their inbox, with a link to check out your design. If they have a Canva account, they’ll be able to like and comment on your design. 


Canva tip: If you cannot find the design link on your email inbox after some time, it may have also ended up in your junk or spam folder. Please do check this as well.


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