Design folders

With Canva for Work, there’s a great way to sort designs by project, client or brand. You can create folders to sort and organize your designs making it easier for you to access them. These folders are visible on your own Canva profile, and not on the Team's Brand page.

Design folders in a standard Canva account

Users with a free Canva account are permitted to create up to two (2) design folders. If you upgrade to Canva for Work, you get to unlock a special feature that allows you to create more.

On the other hand, if you opt to downgrade your Canva for Work account, you will still be able to access all of your existing folders but you will be unable to create new ones.

Create design folders

Creating a design folder in Canva is as easy as logging in to your account.

To create a design folder:

  1. Log in to Canva.
  2. Click on the +Add new folder option on the left-hand side of your screen.
  3. It will create a folder, and you will be prompted to rename it. Type your new folder name.
  4. Press Enter.

Tip : You can create a maximum of 100 folders. Each design folder can have up to 200 designs stored in them.

Move designs into folders

To move your designs into a specific folder you created, just drag and drop them to the folder you want to place them in. Here’s a step by step guide:Click on All your designs tab to view your Canva creations.

  1. Locate the design that you want.
  2. Drag and drop it to the folder you want it to be in.


Note : When you move your designs into folders, your designs will still appear in the All Your Designs tab. Deleting the design from the folders will also delete it from the designs tab.

Remove a design from a folder

You can remove designs from a folder as easily as you can add them in. If you have accidentally moved a design to a wrong folder, here's how you can remove it:

  1. Open the folder where you have the design.
  2. Click on the arrow on the upper right-hand side of the design thumbnail.
  3. Choose the option that says 'Remove from...'

The design will no longer be available inside the folder, but you can access it from the All your designs tab.

Rename or add a description to a folder

So you've created multiple design folders and now find the need to rename them to organize your designs. You also find the need to add a description to the design folder.

The steps outlined below show you how to go about doing so:

  1. Open the design folder upon logging in to Canva.
  2. Hover your mouse over the current name or description of the folder.
  3. Click on the text itself or on the pencil icon to the right of it
  4. From here, rename the design folder or add a description to the design folder.
  5. Press Enter or Return on your keyboard.

Delete a design folder

No one else can delete your design folder and there may come a time when you no longer have use for them. You can delete the design folders that you created at any time if you need to. Here’s how:

  1. Open the design folder.
  2. Click on the options button on the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Select the option to delete the folder.
  4. Click Ok on the pop-up confirmation box.

Tip: Deleting a design folder won’t delete the designs in it. You'll always be able to access these designs when you go to the All your designs tab.

Share a design folder

Working online means we often have designs we want to share with our teammates or clients.

To share a design folder:

  1. Open the design folder.
  2. Click on the Share folder button located on the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Wait for the pop up box to appear then type in the email address of the team member/s on the Share with a team member field.
  4. You can choose whether your team member ‘can edit’ or ‘can view’ the design folder you shared.

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