Managing Payouts

Make sure you are switched to your Contributor brand and go to the Settings page to find the link to the Your Payments page.

Setting Up Payment

We have two payout methods at the moment - Paypal and Skrill. We pay you monthly once your balance reaches the threshold that you assign.

Checking previous payments

You can find the previous payments that Canva sent you at the bottom of the payment page. Details such as the date, payment type, account reference, transaction ID, and the amount paid can be seen here.

Checking sales

The links to the Payments and Sales page can be found on the Settings page. Your total balance can be found on the Payments page. If you would like to see individual files that were purchased by users, you can find them on the Sales page.

For some files, there’s a reference to the layout used by the user when they purchased your file.

Contributor Royalties

Canva contributors earn royalties from each purchase a user makes.

  • Pricing

Your images can be licensed for $1 under the One-Time Use License, or $10 under the Multi-Use License. We’ll also have Extended Licenses coming soon.

  • Royalty Rates

The Canva royalty rate is 35%. All prices and royalties are in USD.

  • Payout Threshold

We pay royalties monthly once your balance reaches the threshold you chose, between $3 and $10,000. The default is $100. At $100 or above there is no fee, but if you prefer to be paid earlier you can lower the payout threshold for a $2 per payment fee.

  • Tax Forms

For now, Canva doesn’t require any tax forms from contributors. As Canva is an Australian company we don’t provide US tax forms like 1099.

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