Contributor Brands

Canva works differently to other places you may sell licenses to your photos and illustrations. We use a concept of ‘brands’ in addition to user accounts.

Brands enable you to control more than one portfolio of content with a single user account. It also means more than one user account can access a single portfolio (eg. accountant, keyworder, co-owner). When you register at Canva, you’re setting up your user account. This is how you’ll log in to Canva. When your stock media goes into Canva, it goes into a brand. A user account cannot own stock media. Only the brand is visible to the public; your images are “owned” by this brand, including in the copyright statement. Usernames and brand names are unique, so they cannot be the same.

You can change both your username and your brand name by editing your settings in Canva, but for now, you need to contact us to add additional user accounts to a brand or create additional brands.

If you usually use an online moniker (name) we recommend using that as your Canva brand. For example, Joe Bloggs, whose portfolio is known as BloggsyStock would use the Canva username ‘joebloggs’ and Canva brand ‘bloggsystock’.

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