Canva for Work Resource Guide

What is Canva for Work?

Canva for Work is Canva’s premium service, designed for those who want to take their productivity to the next level. Canva for Work makes it easy to create beautiful on-brand marketing materials, presentations, social media graphics and more for individuals, companies, or organisations. Canva for Work is loved by thousands of marketers, sales professionals, social media professionals, and entrepreneurs around the world.

Who can use Canva for Work?

From content creators to designers to entrepreneurs, anyone can use Canva for Work! Canva for Work can help you create a consistent brand image across all your marketing materials, social media, and print and digital content.

Read how Canva is being used by other companies:

Here are some of the most loved features by people using Canva for Work:




Save time by easily resizing from one format to another

Create templates everyone on the team can use

Organize client projects with design folders

Organize photos and designs into folders

Share folders with others on your team

Get approvals by sharing edit or view-only designs with clients

Save your brand colors, fonts and logos

Access a team stream where you can like and comment on other team member’s designs

Save brand assets for different clients

In this section is a comprehensive guide to all the exclusive features that Canva for Work has to offer.

Magic Resize

Ever had to resize the same design into multiple sizes to fit into different social media platforms? We’ve all been there. It’s not fun! Magic resize solves that by making it easy to create a design once and resizing it across multiple formats.


In a matter of seconds, your designs can be converted into the varied sizes you need, all at once. You will now have multiple copies of the same design in different formats. Click here for additional resources on how to resize your design into different templates. 

Resize into custom dimensions

Can’t find the design type with the specific dimensions you need? You can also resize a design into specific dimensions (in pixels, inches, or millimeters) using the “Use Custom Dimensions” setting found in the Canva editor. 

Brand Kit

Save your brand colors, fonts, and logos so they’re always on hand

Save all your design assets into one neatly organized Brand Kit, so you can access them easily while designing on Canva. 


Upload your logo

You can upload your brand logo onto your Canva Brand Kit in PNG or JPG file formats. You can add multiple versions of your logo as you wish.

Upload your fonts

You can upload fonts you use for your brand in your Brand Kit, up to a maximum of ten fonts. You can set a maximum of three default fonts – for header, sub-header, and body text.  You can replace an uploaded custom font at any time. If you have a design which uses one of your deleted fonts, that font will still be available within that design.

Save brand colors and color palettes

You can save your brand colors and create your own color palettes in the Brand Kit, so you can easily use them in your designs without having to copy or memorize the colors’ hex codes. These colors will be immediately available in the editor once you create a design.

Team Members

Invite people you work with to your team

With Canva for Work, you can invite people to join a team. Team members can create their own designs, and can choose to collaborate on a design. As a team you can enhance your brand by creating consistent and on-brand designs.

You can invite several members to your team under the Team Members tab in Your Brand. Once you enter their email addresses and click “Send invitations,” a link to join your team will be sent to these email addresses.

Share designs with your team

Once you’ve created a design, you can share it with any of your team members on your account’s Team Stream. You can add your own designs to the stream by clicking on the privacy button on the upper right hand corner of the design screen. While you’re logged into your team account, and toggle the Show team slider.

Team Stream

From your account’s Team Stream, you can view the designs shared by your team. You can like and comment on their creations, as well. Simply access the Team Stream from the homepage sidebar.

Shared with you

One word - collaboration! All designs shared as editable designs can be found in this tab. You will be able to view the title of the design and who created it as well. Any edits on these designs will be reflected on the creator’s copy of the design.

Team Templates

Save your designs as templates

Create a template

Ever found that you create similar designs for your social media posts, presentations and other marketing materials? Isn’t it frustrating having to create a new design every time! That’s where Canva for Work comes in! Did you know you can save your own designs as templates? Just like layouts in Canva, they’ll appear under whenever you go to create your design, so all you need to do is customize your previous designs and you’re set. Once you’ve created your design you’d like to save as a template, here’s how to save it:

Design Search

Quickly find designs with search

Created lots of designs and struggling to find what you’re looking for? Design Search allows you to easily find your designs by typing its title, design type, or even its textual content on its dedicated search bar found on the sidebar.

Photo Folders

Organize your uploaded images into folders

It’s easy to create folders and organize your photos in Canva so they’re quickly accessible when you’re designing. You can also share them with your team! Here’s how to create a new folder:

Design Folders

Organize your designs into folders

Never lose that design again. With Design Folders, you can sort your designs in different folders based on category, design type, or anything you like.  Simply add a folder on the sidebar, then drag the design into the folder. You can share design folders with your team as well.

Transparent backgrounds

Download designs with transparent backgrounds

You can also download your design with a transparent background on Canva. Simply keep the background of your design white, click on Download button, and check on “Download with a transparent background.”

Brands / Teams

Set up multiple teams

Each team has their own unique brand kit in Canva. You may require more than one team or brand within your account. This may be necessary if you affiliate yourself with different organizations, or different departments within a single organization. Departments within the same organization may have slight differences in branding; for example, department-specific logos or colors. Perhaps you and your peers have a side project to work on. Or maybe you simply want a team for branding yourself. If any of the above sound like something you’d be interested in, setting up teams may be right for you!

Team roles

You can assign different roles for the members of your team, according to the different tasks they can do on Canva. Here is an overview of each role:


Canva for Work allows you to easily customize the permissions of each member of your team by assigning individual roles to each user. Each member to your team can either be an Administrator, a Template Designer, or a Member.  You may change these settings on the Team members tab under Your Brand.


Billing and Subscriptions

Start a trial

It’s easy to start a Canva for Work trial (or upgrade to Canva for Work if you've used the free trial previously). Here is a step-by-step guide on how to upgrade to a 30-day free trial of Canva for Work, and test out its features. At this point you can choose what kind of subscription you’d like to avail of. You can choose either a monthly or an annual subscription. Don’t worry, we will not charge you any subscription fees until after the 30-day free trial!


The subscription fees for Canva for Work after the free trial depends on whether you have a monthly or an annual subscription plan. The following is the price structure for the monthly and annual subscription plans, respectively:

  • $12.95 USD per month per member per team
  • $119.40 USD per year per member per team (equivalent to $9.95 USD per month per member per team, which is over 23% in savings)

You can learn what subscription plan you have and how to change it by going to your account settings followed by Billing and Teams tab. You'll then find your current subscription plan under the Team billing information heading.


Team Billing

Adding Members

During your free trial, you are welcome to invite members into your team, and you may belong to as many teams as you like.

If you are adding members during your 30 day trial, you will not be charged. You are only charged at the end of your 30 day trial based on the number of teams you have in each team.

Removing Members

Want to remove a member from your team? First, ensure that you’re logged onto your team account.

Once you’re on the right account, click Your Brand and navigate toward the Team Members tab. Here you will see all the current members of your team. Simply click on the role menu next to the name of the member you would like to remove and select Remove from team.

Paying for Team Members

Canva for Work users are billed based on the number of members on your team. The cost of adding new members to your team is based on whether you have an annual or a monthly Canva for Work subscription.

For users with a monthly billing plan, the price is $12.95 USD per member per month. For users with annual billing plans, the price is an annual payment of $119.40 USD per member (this equates to $9.95 USD per month, per member).

If you are on a monthly plan, the cost of your new team member’s subscription will be added to your monthly bill. If you are on an annual plan, the cost of your new team member’s subscription will be added to your annual bill.

Canva for Nonprofits

We believe in helping charities and philanthropic organizations all over the world bridge the gap between their mission and their audience. In line with this, we offer not-for-profit organizations a free Canva for Work subscription. Learn more.

Application form

List of approved tax status documentation 

Cancel subscription

You may cancel your Canva for Work subscription any time. For team subscriptions, you must be an account owner or an administrator to cancel your team's subscription. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your subscription.

Educational Resources

Keyboard shortcuts

To make your design workflow even easier, it’s definitely helpful to learn the many shortcuts on designing on Canva. Here is a comprehensive guide to keyboard shortcuts on Canva.

Here’s a downloadable PDF file of Canva’s Keyboard Shortcuts:

Canva Keyboard Shortcuts PDF Download


Learn how to create great designs

Canva’s Design School blog is rich with design-filled resources for you to get acquainted with good design practices and techniques. Learn from experienced social media marketers and graphic designers on how you could improve your design skills to boost your brand or business.

You can also easily find posts based on the topics or keywords you are interested to read more about. Just type in keywords in the search bar on the Design School blog.

For more information on how to use Canva, visit Canva's Help Center here.

Follow Design School's step-by-step tutorials to get back to the very basics of Canva. These are very simple and hands-on. Going through these tutorials will make you a Canva pro in no time.

If you’d like additional resources on Canva for Work features and how to use them, you can click here.

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