Sell your Designs in Canva

License your designs.

Contribute your own layouts to Canva. Earn money every time they get used. Create a design in Canva and Publish it for the world to use. Design a layout once and it continues to earn money. It’s that simple.

Earn royalties for every image and layout.

Upload your existing graphics, photography and illustrations. Put your old content to work. Any time your graphics get used, you’ll earn a royalty.

Congratulations to Erin Lish who created one of our top selling layouts.

Design for an audience of millions.

Get your designs to an audience of millions. Canva’s design tool can be used by everyone, opening a whole new market for your layouts. The possibilities are endless, from posters to Facebook posts, and invites to business cards.

Simple and easy to use.

Canva’s pro designer tools make it easy to create stunning layouts. Work with more than 1 million stock photographs, fonts and elements. Mix and match content from top stock photographers and graphic artists. Endless design possibilities.

Learn how to become a Canva Layout Designer: view tutorial.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top performing design types?

Facebook Post, Social Media Graphic, Poster, Presentation, Facebook Cover, Instagram Post, A4 Document, Twitter Post, Card and Facebook Ad.

Can I upload my own images and illustrations to use in my design layout?

Yes, absolutely - we would love you to. You will then receive the royalties for your images as well.

Can I create a design and then resize it for other design types!

Yes! We strongly encourage that, it saves you a lot of time and enables you to make more sales.

What's the best place to learn about being a good Canva contributor?

This interactive tutorial is a great place to start as it has been designed specifically for contributors. You can also take our Beginners Tutorial Series which takes you through the basics of colors, font pairing etc - but might be a nice way for you to become familiar with the Canva platform.

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