How does Canva's billing work?

How much does Canva cost to use?

Canva Standard

There is no cost to using the Canva basic platform. It’s free to upload and design with your own images. You also have access to the Canva library containing over a million free and premium professional stock images, icons, and illustrations, which you can use in your designs.

If you do choose to pay for premium elements, your card will not be charged right away. You will only be charged once you accumulate at least US $10 in payments, or one month after your initial purchase (whichever happens first). 


Canva for Work

If you're a power user or just looking for extra features that will make working in teams easier, you can upgrade to Canva for Work. It's a subscription service with amazing features perfect for content creators or professional designers, such as the ability to create a brand kit with consistent colors and fonts, customizable templates, shareable photo folders, resizable designs, and more. 

Subscription rates for our Work product vary depending on how many team members you have and whether you wish to be billed monthly or annually. If you choose a monthly billing plan, the rate is US $12.95 a month for each designer on your team. If you choose an annual plan, the price per user is US $9.95 a month (which is a more than 20% discount).

What does it cost to use the professional stock images and illustrations available in Canva?

These images cost US $1 each and you’ll only ever pay when you publish your design.

Canva’s library of more than one million images has been sourced from some of the world’s best stock photographers, graphic designers and illustrators so that you can also create beautiful designs. These artists earn a royalty every time you use their image.

How can I tell if an image is free or paid?

Paid images are clearly labelled in the Canva library. To see if an image is free or costs US $1, roll your mouse over it in the Editor.

If you use a paid image in your design, you’ll notice that a watermark appears over the image. This is to protect the artist from having their artwork stolen. The watermark will be removed when you pay and publish your design.

When do I pay for images that I’ve used in my design?

You’ll only be asked to pay for your images once you’ve finished your design. It’s just like using a shopping cart, but for graphic elements. When you click ‘Download’, you will see a price list appear for any images in your design.

You will be prompted to input your credit card details to pay for your premium elements. If you have used your credit card previously it will save your details.

Can I pre-purchase credit or do I have to pay each time I publish?

Some people like to pre-purchase credit so that they don’t need to pay each time they design. You’ll also save 10% by purchasing credit this way. For example, US $10 will buy you 11 credits.

What conditions are associated with the One Time Use License?

You can use it for both personal or commercial use. If you want to read more about our license, visit our license page. With the One Time Use License you are paying to use the image in the one design. The license is much cheaper than traditional stock photography, however you’ll need to make any changes to your design within 24 hours to avoid paying for the license again.

For example, if you make a spelling mistake you can go into your design within 24 hours and fix it up and re-publish your design. You will not have to pay for the images again. If you want to make changes to your design after the 24 hour period, you will have to pay for the images again.

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Canva Standard is and always will be free to use. You can create as many designs as you like, all for free. 

You can upload your own images or purchase premium images and illustrations in Canva for $1 USD. Your credit card will be charged one month after your initial purchase, or if you spend more than $US10 - whichever happens first.

Here's a few tips on how to search for free images in Canva.

If you are wanting to take your designs to the next level, you can upgrade your account to Canva for Work, which let's you save your brand colors, fonts and logo. You can easily resize your designs and get organized with photo folders. If you'd like to try Canva for Work, here's a 30 day free trial account. 

You can also visit our Design School for design tips and tutorials. If you have any other questions, just let me know!

Hope that helps and have a lovely day!

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