How do I use shapes to contain or mask my photos?

Canva has a range of frames and grids which can be easily used to contain your photos. There are hundreds of different options which can be used in your designs.

Canva tip: Frames can be used to contain your photos in Canva. They can be used as an alternative to masking images in other design programs.

Choose a frame

Search for Frames in Canva’s library and choose an appropriate option for your design.

Click or drag the frame you’d like to use onto your page.


Add a photo to your frame

You can easily add an image you’ve uploaded into your frame, or alternatively you can search for an image you’d like to use in Canva’s library.


Crop your image

To resize the photo in the frame, double-click on the frame or select Crop. You’ll then be able to drag the image to crop to the part of the image you’d like to show.


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Thanks for reaching out and for using Canva!

Are you looking for ways to contain your photos using shapes or to mask them like in other design programs? Canva has an easy alternative and here’s how:

1. On the Canva editor, search for Frames or click on the Elements tab and then the Frames folder

2. Select the frame to add to the design page

3. Drag your photos in, and

4. Double-click to crop your photos or click once to resize the entire frame.

For instructions with photos, here's an article that will help:

How do I use shapes to contain or mask my photos?

Please do let me know if you have any further enquiries at this time!

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