Why am I getting an error message when downloading my design?

If you are getting an error message when downloading your design, there are several possible causes. It's possible that there may be an ongoing system maintenance.

An error message may also occur if you have an image that did not upload correctly, or if have a large file to download containing several elements in your design.

If you've attempted to download the design on multiple occasions to no avail, this article will help you solve this issue.

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Different error messages could mean different things. The following are the most common error messages.

  1. Publishing hit a snag
  2. The publishing elves have failed.

Publishing hit a snag

This error message usually happens when there is an ongoing system maintenance or update in Canva. This is also a common error message for downloading designs with transparent backgrounds. Please click here to troubleshoot this error message when downloading a design with a transparent background.

The publishing elves have failed

This error message comes about when an image in your design has failed to upload correctly. To resolve this, try re-uploading the image again, adding it onto your design, and force saving your design.



If there is no known issue on our Status Page, the following are some steps you can perform before re-attempting to download your design:

1. Log-out, close your browser, open your browser, then log-in back again.

2. Use the latest version of your browser.

Canva is supported on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer (IE). If you are using IE, you must be using IE 11 specifically on a Windows 8.1 OS as this is the minimum requirement for Canva to work on IE. You can view what browser version you have by going to What Browser. You can also try a different browser.

3. Copy and paste the design link and open your design in another tab.

4. Clear your browser history.

Include the cookies and cache when you clear your browser history as these may block certain Canva processes.

5. Reduce the number of unused elements in your design.

This could include additional pages you aren’t using or any elements that may be hidden under other elements. If the pages are needed, we can suggest to divide your design into separate files by  duplicating it with each file corresponding to a specific page range, then later merging these separate designs into one design upon downloading.

6. Ensure you have a stable internet connection.

After performing the above steps, please try and  download  your design once again.

If you are still having downloading issues after this process, report the issue to us and we'd be glad to offer some help.

Hi there,

Thanks for your message and I do apologize you've ran into a downloading issue.

The first thing you can do is check our Status Page to see if there is any ongoing issue with Canva. If there is no current issue on our page, your downloading issue may be due to image in your design that has failed to upload correctly. To resolve this, try re-uploading the image again and force save your design.

If the above tips don't work out and the downloading issue persists, please try the troubleshooting tips in the bottom of the following Help Centre article:

Why am I getting an error message when downloading my design?

If you're specifically having issues downloading a design with a transparent background, please try the methods in the following:

Why am I getting an error when I download a design with a transparent background?

I hope this helps, please let me know if you require any further assistance and I'd be happy to advise further!

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