How do I resize my Canva design?

To resize your design in Canva you need a Canva for Work account. If you'd like to learn more about Canva for Work visit:

Canva for Work

There are two ways to resize your Canva design. Resize to Custom dimensions (in pixels, inches, cm or mm) or into multiple templates using the Magic Resize feature.

It's particularly helpful if you are creating content for lots of different social media platforms, ad sizes or want to have a consistent look and feel across your marketing materials.

Custom dimensions

Once you are finished with your design and decided to resize, you can do so by simply clicking the File button on top of the page, click Change dimensions followed by Use custom dimensions. Select first the unit of measurement either in pixels, inches, cm, or mm and input the specific dimensions your design requires.

Your design will automatically resize into the custom dimensions that you prefer.

Magic Resize

Magically resize into multiple formats

While, if you need to change your design into a specific template, you can use the Magic Resize option which automatically creates multiple sizes of your design into the templates of your choice. Canva will open an individual tab in your Web browser for each format, so you can edit and save each version. Follow the steps below to use the Magic Resize tool:

1. Click Magic resize.

After creating your design, click the File button on top of the page and choose Magic resize.

2. Select a new format.

Choose the templates that you would like Canva to resize your design into and hit Abracadabra - Resize! button.

3. Open resized design template.  

The new sizes will open up on different tabs with the corresponding templates you chose.

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To resize your design into specific custom dimensions, click on the File button on top of the page and choose the Change dimensions button followed by Use custom dimensions. You can resize a design into pixels, millimeters, centimeters or inches.

To resize your design to a specific template, use the Magic Resize option by selecting File then Magic Resize, ticking each box of the template you want to have a copy of your design in, and clicking Abracadabra - Resize!

Here's our Help Centre article for a more comprehensive guide on resizing a design:

How do I resize my Canva design?

I hope this helps, please do feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions!

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