How do I create a Design Folder?

With Canva, you can create folders to sort and organize your designs making it easier for you to access them. These folders are visible on your own Canva profile, and not on the Team's Brand page.

Here's how to do it:

Log in to your account

On the menu panel on the left, you'll see the option +Add New Folder.

Click and name the folder

You'll be prompted to type in a name and when you're done, just press Enter on your keyboard to save your folder.

To move your design, just drag and drop them to the folder you want to place them in.

Standard Canva account 

Users with a free Canva account are permitted to create up to two (2) design folders. If you upgrade to Canva for Work, you get to unlock a special feature that allows you to create more. 

On the other hand, if you opt to downgrade your Canva for Work account, you will still be able to access two (2) of your existing folders but you will be unable to create new ones. 

Canva for Work

With Canva for Work, you get to have access to special features such as sharing folders, and you get to create up to 100 design folders.

Note: Each design folder can have up to 200 designs stored in them.

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You can create folders to organize your designs. When you log on to Canva, look for the +Add new folder on the left of your screen.

It will create a folder, and you will be prompted to rename it. When you're done, just press Enter on your keyboard to save the changes.

For a visual guide, you can check out this article in our Help Center:

How do I create design folders? 

I hope that helps! If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out and I'll be glad to give you a hand.

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