What is Canva seeking in contributors’ work?

One of our greatest strengths as a design platform is how we integrate our huge image library of over 1 million photos, illustrations, and design elements, many of which were added to our library by a global community of photographers and graphic designers. If you’re a graphic designer, a photographer, or an illustrator, we offer generous contributor royalties, and would love for you to be a part of our library. We are looking for:

  • High-quality, commercial photography and design with limited or naturalistic filters.
  • Designs and photos with a modern sensibility, current styles, and a commercial sensibility.
  • Artful vector illustrations with appropriate detail and a clean finish.

The size of your portfolio is not a consideration, as we’d love to see your work even if you only have a few pieces. We are not not interested in graphic design that recreate the native features of Canva, like grids, frames, and text. To learn more about becoming a contributor, please look over our contributor guidelines.

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