What are the prices and contributor royalties?

Note: Applicable to Canva contributors only.


All images on Canva are currently licensed for $1 USD with a One Time Use license.


Canva currently only offers customers a One Time Use license. This means customers need to purchase a new license each time they use an image. In the near future, Canva will also offer standard Royalty Free licenses which will enable customers to use the files multiple times.

Royalty Rates

The Canva royalty rate is 35%.  All prices and royalties are in USD.

Payout Threshold

We pay royalties monthly once your balance reaches the threshold you choose, between $3 and $10,000. The default is $100. At $100 or above there is no fee, but if you’d prefer to be paid earlier you can lower the payout threshold for a $2 per-payment fee.

Payout Methods

Currently supported methods are PayPal and Skrill (MoneyBookers).

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