How do I reset my password?

Resetting your password is a simple process that will only take a few minutes. Here's how to reset it.

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  1. Click on the password reset link here and enter your email address.
  2. Or go to the login page, click Forgot password?
  3. Follow prompts to reset password.

Go to the login page

Start at the Canva login page and click "Forgot password?", located at the righthand corner of the log in page. 

Enter your email address to reset

Enter your email address and then click "Reset my password". This will trigger an email with instructions on how to recover your password. Simply follow those to set a new password, and log back into Canva and your designs.

If you've lost access to the email you used to login, you will have to work with your email provider to gain access to that account.

You can start a new account with your new email at any time, but designs made using your previous account will not be accessible in your new account.


Didn't get the email to reset your password?

Check your spam filter and refresh your inbox. Do also search your email folders. You may be able to find the instructions to reset your password by doing so.

If the email still hasn't appeared, send a ticket and our customer support team will help.

"That email address is not registered on Canva."

If you see this message after you attempt to send the password re-set email, it means we do not have an account registered with that email.

Check your email for any errors and make sure it is the email you use to access Canva.


Hi {{ticket.requester.first_name}},

Thanks for your message!

You can access the password reset form directly by going to Alternatively, you can reset your password by following the instructions in our Help Center article here: 

How do I reset my password?

You can also follow the steps below:

1) Visit the login page at
2) Click on the link "Help I forgot my login details".
3) Enter your email address and then click "Reset my password". This will trigger an email with instructions on how to recover your password.

If you'd like to change your password, please follow the instructions here:

How do I change my password?

I hope that helps! Please feel free to let me know if there's anything else I can do for you!

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