How do I resize an element?

Resizing an element plays a big role in designing, as this is the best way you can make every bit of your creation blend perfectly with each other.

If you are wondering how this could be done, here is a step-by-step process: 

Select element

Click to select element, and show resize anchors.



Should you wish to enlarge your element, drag the resize anchor outward. If you want to do otherwise, drag the anchor inwards.

Canva tip: While resizing, the size of the element (in pixels) is shown on the side you're dragging.



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Thanks for your message, I'll be glad to show you how to resize an element!

Simply click on the element you would like to resize. You can then drag the resize anchors. Drag the anchors outward or inward to increase or decrease the size of the element, respectively.

More information can be found in the following Help Centre article:

How do I resize an element?

I hope this helps, feel free to reach out for any other enquiries you may have!

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