How do I find the color code of an element?

In Canva, every color is represented by a six digit "color code" or hex code. By copying a color code you can make other elements the same color, or even import color codes from outside Canva. Here’s how to find an element’s color code:

Click on an element

Click on an element to reveal its edit menu. You'll be able to see the element's color button in the edit menu, represented by a circle of color. Some complex elements are made of multiple colors, and will have multiple color buttons. Click on the color button to find that particular color’s code.

Click the color button

After you click on a color button you will see the swatch menu. Click the add color button to open the color wheel. Without moving the small white circle or the value slider, look at the box marked "color code #." This is the element’s color code. To copy it for later use, click on the box to highlight the color code, then copy it by pressing Ctrl/Command + C.

Find the color code

To use this code in another element, you can repeat the same process: Select an element, click the color button, then the add new color button. Once the color wheel is open, click the box next to the text "color code #." This time, instead of copying the current color code, replace it with a new code. You can either paste in a color code, or simply type in the color code you want.

Use a color code

Not only Canva uses color codes -- other graphics applications and websites use color codes too. You can even use the color codes you find in other applications in Canva by copying and pasting them right into the element's color code box.


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