How do I get the best quality print?

Canva designs look great on a screen or on paper, but to ensure your designs are looking their best, you need to make sure you choose the right type of file to download. If you’re printing your design from a home printer or sending it to a print professional, you should download a PDF file with high-quality images. Canva exports PDF for print in 300 DPI.

Downloading your design as a PDF is quick and easy. After you’re done designing, click the download button, and then choose PDF: for print from the selection. 


If your design has a colored background, you may need to include crop marks with your design. Crop marks show where to cut your design so your prints have nice, clean color that goes all the way to the edge of the paper.

To create a PDF with crop marks and bleed, click the download button and then the options arrow to display more options. Next, check the box to “Publish with crop marks & bleed”, and then download your PDF. More information on crop marks and bleed can be found in the following:

What is the size of the bleed on the PDF?

Having problems opening the PDF file? If your computer can’t open the PDF file you downloaded, you may need to install Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader.

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To be able to print designs with the highest quality, please download your design as a PDF: For Print, as that is the highest quality file format that we offer at 300 dots per inch. You can do so by clicking the Download button followed by "PDF: For Print."

You may need to include crop marks with your design if you have a colored background. When you click the download button, tick the box  “Publish with crop marks & bleed”, and then download your PDF. More information can be found in the following Help Center article:

How do I prepare my design to be printed?

I hope this helps, please do reach out to us for any other questions you may have!

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