Why does the text in my design download incorrectly?

You have successfully downloaded your design but the text is jumbled, broken, distorted, misaligned or changed. There could be a range of reasons why this happens. This may include text wrapping, your design has special characters or foreign languages, uploaded font issues or your design hasn’t fully saved.

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  1. When you download your design and the text does not download correctly, the most straightforward solution is to re-open your design and increase the width of your text box.

  2. At this stage we do not fully support special characters/foreign languages yet. However, we will be updating this feature soon.

  3. You can use separate text boxes for words that requires more than a single space.

Text wrapping

You have finished your design and you are ready to download. However, upon downloading some text looks all bunched up together and the spacing is different from how it looks like in the Canva editor. This usually happens when you have copied your text from a different program (example: MS Word) and pasted it on to Canva.

To resolve this, you have to manually re-type your document into Canva.

Special characters/foreign languages

There may be instances where you need to create designs with special characters or symbols. In most cases, when you download the design the text appears differently. The main reason this happens is we do not fully support special characters yet.

Canva also does not support foreign characters such as Chinese, Hebrew, Greek, etc. However, we are looking into the possibilities of adding this features soon.

For now, what you can do as to take a screenshot of the special/foreign character from your design editor page, and upload it on Canva as an image so you can still make use of it.

Uploaded fonts

Your uploaded custom font looks great on Canva while working on a project, but it does not download or show up in the preview correctly. This might mean your font is inappropriately licensed. In some cases, where a font is not properly licensed, the file will not upload and work in Canva as intended.


1. Re-open your design and increase the width of your text box.

To do so, simply refresh your page and then stretch the text box so there is extra space after your text, and try downloading your design again. 

You can also recreate the text by deleting the current text box and adding a new one.

2. If you are using a text holder, add a text box on top of the text holder.
Delete the text on the text holder and use a text box for your texts. Apply the same font style and size then overlay it on top of the text holder.
If these does not solve the problem, you can report the issue to our customer support team who will endeavor to fix it with you. Report an issue now.

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Thanks for reaching out and for using Canva!

If you downloaded your design but the text does not download properly, it may mean your text didn't save correctly. You may try the following methods to resolve the issue:

  1. Increase the width of your text box
  2. Use a regular text box instead of text holder
  3. Open your design in another window tab or supported browser
You can also check out our article about this in our Help Center:

I hope this helps and let me know if you have questions!
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