How do I remove a background?

Came across an image that would better make your design standout? No worries, you can always remove and change your current background image. Listed below are a few simple steps on how to delete and remove your background image.

01. Trash bin icon

Toggle the image menu by clicking on it. From the image menu is the trash bin icon. Click on it and it will delete your current background image.


In most layouts, background images are placed on a grid. You can delete the grid by following the same process or add your new background into the grid.

02. Delete button

An easier way to delete your background image is by clicking on it to select then hitting the Delete/Backspace button from your keyboard.

03. Drag-and-drop

You can click on the image to select it, then hold and drag-and-drop it out of the page to remove it.


Canva Tip: We highly recommend dragging the image/background out to the farthest of the page to make sure it is deleted. Not doing so may cause downloading issues.

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There are multiple ways to delete a background after selecting it. Here's how:

  1. Clicking the Trash bin icon.
  2. Pressing Delete or Backspace on your keyboard.
  3. Dragging and dropping the background image out of the page.

More information on the above can be found in the following Help Center article:

How do I remove a background?

I hope this helps, please let me know if there's anything else I can help with!

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