I think I was incorrectly charged, what should I do?

Here are the reasons why your credit card may have been charged for Canva for Work. If none of these explain why you have been charged, please let us know through the billing form below and our customer support team will be in touch soon to solve the issue for you.

You upgraded to Canva for Work

When Canva for Work was launched, we offered our users a free trial of the premium features that usually cost $12.95 USD per team member per month (monthly subscription) or $119.40 USD per team member per year (annual subscription).

We asked for your credit card information up front to ensure a seamless experience from the point when your trial ends to when you’re upgraded to a paid subscription. 

When did I choose monthly or annual billing?

For a short period of time, the default option on the upgrade window was the annual plan as we wanted to offer our users the most cost effective billing option ($9.95 USD per month instead of $12.95 USD per month, which is $119.40 USD per year instead of $155.40 USD per year). We soon changed it to the monthly plan so people weren't surprised by the larger charge.

Will you give a refund?

If you find that Canva for Work isn’t a good fit for you, we’re happy to arrange a full refund for the charge.

We’ve had an incredible response with so many people taking up Canva for Work so we’re receiving a higher number of support requests than usual.

We’re also seeing a great deal of requests from users who are interested in making subscription adjustments, like switching from an annual to a monthly subscription (or vice versa), and others who are interested in canceling their account and switching back to a free Canva Standard account.

If you have a billing concern please let us know and our Customer Happiness Team will help you solve the issue.

How long will it take to process?

We're aiming to return everyone's emails within 3-7 days. And hopefully, in time we can get back to our old 1-hour turn around time again.

We’re making a lot of changes to help our customers find the information they need quickly as well. We've gone from 0 to 8 million users in just over two years, so we're still working on our processes and looking to constantly improve the service we offer.

We really appreciate all of your support, and hope to be able to serve all of your needs!


Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out!

Here are some possible reasons why your credit card may have been charged:

  1. You may have forgotten to cancel your Canva for Work account before your trial ended and hence you were automatically charged.
  2. You upgraded to Canva for Work assuming you were going to get a free trial, but were denied a free trial because you have previously already used a free trial.
  3. You have used premium elements in a new design within your last billing cycle.

The following Help Centre article shows you how to view your invoices:

Where can I access a copy of my invoice?

If there is anything else that you need help with, for example a billing request, let me know!

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