How do I change the letter spacing and line height of my text?

Canva comes with a powerful text tool that you can use to make beautiful typography. In addition to adjusting the typeface, size, and color of your text, we have advanced features you can use to alter the feel and flow of your text. Two of these features are letter spacing and line height.

Here’s how to access them:

Click on a Text Element

First, click on a Text Element to select it and open its edit menu. Then click the expand arrow on the far right side of the edit menu to display some advanced text features. Click on the button in the middle of the menu marked “Text spacing.”


Click Text Spacing

After you click text spacing you will see two sliders: the top one for letter spacing, and the bottom for line height. 


Adjust the Letter Spacing

Letter Spacing refers to how close each individual letter is to each other. Drag the slider to the right to increasing the spacing between letters, or drag it to the left to decrease the spacing. 


Adjust the line height

Line height refers to the space between each line of text in a paragraph or block of text. Drag the slider to the right to increase the space between each line of text or drag the slider to the left to bring your lines closer together. 


Note: Keep in mind that you will only see the effect of the line height slider if your text element has multiple lines of text. Also, text spacing affects every character in a text element. If you would like to have different amounts of letters spacing or line height for different words in your text, you will need to split your text across several text elements.

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To adjust letter spacing or line height of text:

  1. Click on a text element to open its edit menu, then click the expand arrow at the far right-hand side of the edit menu.
  2. Click on Text spacing - you will then see two sliders, one for letter spacing and the other for line height. 
  3. Drag these sliders to the left (to the right) to decrease letter spacing and line height (to increase letter spacing and line height).

More information can be found in the following Help Centre article:

How do I change the letter spacing and line height of my text?

I hope this helps, please do reach out for any further assistance you may need!

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