How do I add lines on my design?

Canva not only has over a million of images in the library. We also offer a wide variety of elements, such as lines. 

Lines play a big role in designing. It can be used as a divider, arrows, or borders.

01. Search for a line

To look for a line you can use on your design, click on the Lines folder under the Elements tab.

02. Add a line

Once you’ve chosen what you want to use on your design, simply click on it or drag-and-drop to your design page to add.


03. Resize line

To resize a line, click and drag the corner points in or out until desired length or thickness is achieved.

04. Rotate line

To rotate a line, click and hold the rotate anchor found below the line then drag to your desired angle.

Canva tip: You can also use lines to create tables or calendars.

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Thanks for reaching out to us, I'd be glad to show you how to work with lines to your design!

To add a line to your design, click the Elements tab at the left of the Canva editor and choose the Lines folder. Once you have found the line you want to use, simply click on it or drag-and-drop it to your design.

You can also edit these lines (for example, the ability to resize lines). Please see the following Help Center article for more information:

How do I add lines on my design? 

I hope this helps, please let me know if there's anything else you need with!

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At this time, you can edit lines to a minimum of 3 pixels in height.

Rest assured, I have forwarded this as feedback to our product team requesting for the ability to create even thinner lines.

Please do feel free to let your voice be heard by suggesting it in the following:

Suggest a feature or idea

We're always trying to find ways to improve our service for a better user experience and I'm positive our team will consider this for future updates on Canva.

Please let me know if there's anything else I can help with.

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