Working with Images

You can edit images in the Canva app to create designs with your personal look and feel.

Replacing an Image

If you wish to work with a different image, you can replace the image in your design by tapping on the Replace button directly below your design.

You’ll be able to select a new image from:

  • Your iPhone library
  • Canva’s image library

Tapping on the replace button will pull up the images stored in your device below your design. To use one, simply tap on it.

To use an image in Canva’s image library, key in the word that best describes the image you are looking for into the search field directly below your design and hit Search. This will pull up dozens of images from Canva’s library for you to select from.


You can also replace an image by taking a photo on your phone. To do so, tap on the Camera button directly below your design. You’ll be able to take a photo directly within the Canva app and automatically load it on to your design.

Using filters

You can apply, change or remove a filter from the image you are working with. To reveal the controls that let you work with filters, tap on the image you wish to work with. They’ll appear directly below your layout.

  • To apply a filter to the image, swipe through the filter options displayed below the image and tap on the one you’d like to use.
  • To change a filter, swipe through the filter options displayed below the image and tap on an alternative filter.
  • To remove all filters from the image, tap on the No Filter option displayed below the image.

You can change the intensity of the filter applied to an image using the slider below the filters. Sliding it to the right will intensify it. Sliding it to the left will reduce the intensity of the filter.

Using advanced filters

At the very bottom of the image editing controls you’ll see the option to work with Advanced Filters.

Tapping on this option will let you customize the image by working with the following options:

  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • Colorize
  • Blur
  • Vignette


To change any of the options, use the option’s slider. Pushing the slider to the right will intensify the effect of the option on the image and pushing it to the left will reduce it.

Cropping your Image

You can easily crop your image on the Canva app using your fingers.

To change the section of the image displayed, simply drag the image around the viewport using your finger.

To zoom in on an image, spread your fingers on the image. To zoom out, pinch the screen. 

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