Working with Text

Styling Text

Layouts on the Canva app come with great font pairings and beautiful typesetting. To easily make changes to text styling, tap on the text box you wish to edit. This will reveal controls directly below the text that will let you change:

  • Fonts the drop-down menu below the layout
  • Alignment
  • Emphasis
  • Caps to lowercase and vice-versa
  • Line spacing and height using the Spacing button
  • Text size using the Text Size slider. You can also change the size of your text using your fingers. To enlarge text, spread your fingers. To reduce text size, pinch your text.
  • Color and transparency using the color editor

Need to change the placement of a text box? Drag it to its new position using your fingers.

Editing Content

To change the content if any text box, double-tap the text element you wish to edit. This will let you use your iPhone keyboard to enter new content into the field. Once you’re happy with the new content, tap done.

Note that you can edit content in any text box in the same way you would text anywhere else on your iPhone.

  • To delete an entire string of content, tap the backspace button on the iPhone keyboard.
  • To delete a specific word, long tap the word to reveal iPhone's default menu.

Adding Text

To add a new text box to a layout, tap on the Text button in your footer. You’ll be able to add both custom and pre-designed text boxes.

To add custom text, tap on +Add Some Text of Your Own button. Note that you’ll have to style text on your own to get it looking just right.

Pre-designed text boxes offer sample text with pre-fixed typefaces and layouts. To add pre-designed text boxes, browse through the options displayed below your design and tap on the one you wish to use.

Delete a Text Box

To delete an entire text box:

  1. Tap on the box to select it.
  2. A small circle with 3 dots will appear on the upper left-hand side of the box. Give it a tap.
  3. Tap the trash icon.

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