Working with Design Elements

Tapping on the Elements icon in the bottom menu will reveal different design elements you can drop into your design.

Adding a Design Element

To add a new design element into your layout, tap on the Elements button in your footer. Browse through the selection and tap on your favorite.

Editing a Design Element

You can change a design element’s color, transparency, size, and location.

To change a design elements color:

  1. Tap on the element.
  2. A selection of predefined colors will appear below the layout.
  3. Select the color you wish to work with.

To change an element’s transparency, use the Transparency slider. Sliding it to the right will reduce the element’s transparency. Sliding it to the left will increase it.

You can change a design element’s size using your fingers. To enlarge a design element, spread your fingers. To reduce a design element’s size, pinch using your fingers.

To change a design element’s location, drag it to its new location using your fingers.

Deleting a Design Element

To delete a design element:

  1. Tap on the element.
  2. A small circle with 3 dots will appear on its top left-hand corner. Give it a tap.
  3. Tap on the Trash icon in the top right-hand corner.


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