My design didn't save

Do you see a “Unsaved changes” message when editing or saving your design in Canva? This likely means that your internet connection is not stable, as Canva’s auto-save ticker only works if the connection is stable. However, there may be other causes of this issue as well.

Learn what to do if you have problems saving your design. This article discusses troubleshooting steps that can help resolve issues when you are unable to save in Canva.

Saving has stalled

If you are working on a design and the connection to your local network is lost, you may receive a “Saving has stalled” error message. It could also occur when you have uploaded an image of a large file size and added it to your design.

To work around this problem and try to save your design before you troubleshoot follow the steps below:

  • Copy (Command/Control C) and paste (Command/Control V) any text written in the last 30 seconds to your clipboard.
  • Click the Reload this design button.
  • Edit your design again and force save by going to File and click on Save. This manually saves the design as it appears.
  • Ensure it reads “All changes saved” before re-downloading your design.

In most cases when saving has stalled, you may be unable to retrieve the current file as-is. Also, there is no way to recover any edits on a design that has been saved over.

Changes to my design didn’t save

If you've downloaded your design but the latest changes were not retained, it may mean you have logged out or closed your browser while your design is still saving.

Ensure you wait for any changes to be completely saved before closing your browser or making other changes to your design. If there are any issues, you’ll notice that saving doesn’t complete.

To ensure your designs are saving, try the following steps below:

1. Check to see the “All changes saved” option appears. 

Canva will automatically save your design every few seconds. You’ll know Canva has successfully saved your design when you see the “All changes saved” message appears in the upper left-hand corner of the screen:

2. Logout then log back in.

Go back to your home page, sign out and then log back in to see if the changes have been made to your current design. 


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